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Orange Power Wash is a family business, owned and operated in our hometown of Saint Louis, MO. We don't have a big corporate office on the other side of the country, nor do we have dozens of employees spinning a revolving door.


In fact, it's just the two of us, Alex and Sarah.

We intend to keep it that way. Why?

We started Orange because we saw an opportunity to provide a better house washing service at a stronger value to our friends and neighbors. Because we believe in providing the utmost quality to our customers, we want to be held accountable for our work. By taking on employees, we take on variable risk.


Our credibility and your trust are worth infinitely more than shorter workdays and bigger paychecks. 

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As Saint Louis natives, we're a proud bunch. 

We're proud of our people, our history, our teams, our frozen custard and pizza. But, it doesn't stop there.

It's that pride for our city and community that spurs us on to strive for greatness in our service to you. 

Image by Timothy Dykes
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