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Will my plants be safe?

Yes, they'll be A-OK.

Because our cleaning agent is so gentle, healthy plants should not be harmed. Still, some shock or yellowing may result around the perimeter of washed siding, but this is not permanent and will resolve quickly.


Is soft washing safe around my pets and kids?

Soft washing and the mild chemicals we use are very safe, but we do require that you keep your pets and kids inside for the duration of the wash. Keep in mind that, while we are using a mild solution to clean, it may cause irritation to some during the application.


is soft washing safe around outdoor appliances?

Yes, although we do request you move any chairs, tables, plants, barbecue pits, etc. at least ten feet away from the siding. For outdoor patios with lighting and fans, these must be turned off prior to the scheduled service time, and we will clean around them.


Do i need to move anything?

We strongly recommend that you do move anything you don't want potentially damaged away from the siding. This is especially true for padded outdoor furniture and anything else which will hold water when wet. We can move things for you for a $40 fee.


what is soft washing good for?

Soft washing is the ideal method to clean algae, mold, dirt, and cobwebs from your home's siding and fencing. Solid, non-porous surfaces will show the most improvement.


will power washing damage grout?

Potentially, and that's why it's important to be extra careful.

If your patio floor or other surface is constructed with sanded grout, let us know so we can swing by and take a look first! Depending on how it looks, we may or may not be comfortable cleaning it.


my home is a little...extra dirty?

Then let's get it done! Soft washing will do the trick, but it will not clean rust, oxidation, or tar from your home. Because we do not use harsh chemicals, we cannot guarantee neglected surfaces will be perfectly spotless after our soft wash.


can i get you to clean my roof?

Unfortunately, we do not offer roof cleanings at this time. But, do keep in touch as this is a service we intend to add in the future!


can you clean my windows?

​We do not offer a dedicated window cleaning service, however; when soft washing your home, we will spray the windows, too. This is usually sufficient in cleaning the exterior glass, but window streaking may occur.


Will soft washing clean my brick?

Brick is porous, and to bring back its original bright red hue, it will need to be pressure washed. Although brick cleanings are not our primary focus, we can provide this service at extra cost.


can you get rid of this oil stain?

No matter the paved surface, we use nothing more than water and pressure. We do not use any chemicals whatsoever as runoff can be extraordinarily dangerous to the environment - your lawn included! This means we may not be able to spotlessly clean your driveway from oil stains and the like, but it will still look great!


I'd like 'the works'.

any discounts available?

Absolutely! While there is no standard discount available for our basic house wash package, packages including driveway cleanings and sidewalk cleanings will be incrementally discounted per service added up to 10%. Subscribe to our email list for extra special offers!

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